Threesome Survey

Have you had a threesome or ménage a trois? I want to hear about it! This is for a writing project, and anything you say may be included, alluded to, or flat-out quoted. Don't worry, names will be changed to protect the innocent ;)

I'm only interested in threesomes that occurred NATURALLY and CONSENSUALLY. If ANY MONEY exchanged hands, it doesn't count. If anyone involved was so wasted they don't remember it, it doesn't count.

* 1. Which best describes your gender?

* 2. What best describes your sexual orientation?

* 3. How many times have you participated in three-way sex?

* 4. What best describes your relationship style at the time of your threesome/s? You can choose more than one.

* 5. How old were you when you participated in your threesome/s? You can choose more than one.

* 6. What was the configuration of your threesome/s? You can choose more than one.

* 7. What kind of threesomes have you participated in? You can choose more than one.

* 8. Where did you find people willing to have threesomes? You can choose more than one.

* 9. Explain the dynamics of your threesome/s? Did attraction flow three ways? Or, were the two women more into the man than each other, or was it about the two women exploring their attraction, did the established couple both concentrate on the outsider, etc..

* 10. Have you ever thought you were about to have a threesome, but at the last minute you or one of your potential partners changed their mind? What happened to scare you or them off?

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