Page 1 of 3: 2021 Summit Overview & Streams

We Belong to Each Other: Cultivating Campus Communities for Mutual Well-Being

Who are our campus communities comprised of? What are the implications and benefits of mutual well-being?

This year’s Summit will strive to take a deeper look into the above questions as we learn how to come together to build and strengthen our campus communities. From international students to part-time and mature students, from health promotion teams to administrative staff, from disability services to financial services; we all belong to our campuses, and we all can contribute to creating a sense of belonging within our communities. 
As COVID-19 has dispersed us from our physical campuses, let’s talk about what it means to care for one another and be responsible to each other as we go about our day-to-day lives – even if it means from one Zoom meeting to another.

How have campus stakeholders - staff, faculty, administration and students - forged partnerships within their post-secondary institution and with outside organizations to strengthen the impact of efforts to enhance well-being? Campus life continues to evolve in light of continued changes due to COVID-19, and over the past few months we have heard of the rapid virtualization of campus initiatives. Now we would like to come together to learn from each other and further our efforts to promote collective well-being. The 2021 Summit touches upon three streams that cultivate conversations for mutual well-being in our current reality:
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on Campus

This stream reflects the richness that fills our campuses. The diversity in cultures, the variety in thought and uniqueness of each campus member. As we learn how COVID-19 has magnified the discrimination and racism faced by our campus members and discover the various barriers encountered by our friends and colleagues, we cannot be collectively well until everyone is well. Before we can dismantle barriers, we must listen to and learn from our community members most affected. In this stream we seek to amplify the voices of community members affected the most and search for solutions that align with EDI principles.
Communities without Borders

Empty campuses do not mean empty communities. As our reality continues to be largely virtual and physically distant, campuses are still fostering social connection and creating a sense of belonging and opportunities for engagement under these circumstances. As campus communities are no longer confined to the physical spaces of campuses, this stream highlights those initiatives and welcomes conversation on the strengths and challenges of building virtual communities.
Response to COVID-19

As we approach the one year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to reflect on the response to COVID-19 and how we have adapted thus far to our new normal. While we have all had to face different realities and experiences, one thing is clear: the pandemic has posed enormous challenges. In light of these challenges, what lessons learned can be of benefit to us moving forward? In this stream we want to highlight efforts in fostering resiliency and creating conditions for well-being for campus members in view of COVID-19.