* 1. What is your age?

* 2. How often do you listen to ANY radio station? 

* 3. At what time(s) are you most likely to listen to the radio?

* 4. What station(s) do you most often CHOOSE to listen to?

* 5. Why do you listen to your preferred station(s)?

* 6. Which genre(s) of music do you want to hear on the radio?

* 7. If you listen to Hermitage FM, how did you discover the station? (If you don't currently or have never listened please tick N/A)

* 8. Please indicate if you would like more or less of the following programming on Hermitage FM or whether we have it about right.

  More About right Less
Talk shows
Local news & events
Pop music
Alternative music (non-chart)
New music
Older music
Local music

* 9. Is there anything that is not already on Hermitage FM that you would like to hear? 

* 10. We are your Community Radio Station! Do you have any other feedback?