* 1. Are our business hours convenient for you?

* 2. Are you satisfied with our brand selection?

* 3. Would you shop Griffey's online?

* 4. Please rate the following: 1 being poor to 5 being best

  Poor Below average Average Above average Best
Selection of sizes
Selection of scrub brands
Selection of shoe brands
Selection of solid colors

* 5. Please elaborate on question #4 above, weather positive or negative?

* 6. Please Rate:

  Never Sometimes Always
The store has what I need in stock.
Griffey's sales associates are knowledgeable & helpful.
I special order items.

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Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 9. In a few words, tell us how we can do/be better?

* 10. Which Griffey's location do you shop most often?

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Little Rock
North Little Rock
Hot Springs