* 2. The manager/coach reflects an understanding of the age group of the team and provides positive support and encouragement to learn and improve.

* 3. The manager/coach treats my child fairly and with respect.

* 4. The manager/coach reflects a good general knowledge of baseball/softball and teaches appropriate skills to my child.

* 5. The manager/coach has a good knowledge of Little League Rules and Philosophy (to encourage Character, Courage and Loyalty) and instills respect for the rules in players.

* 6. The manager/coach demonstrates leadership and good sportsmanship when dealing with Umpires, other Managers and Coaches, and other teams’ players, whether their team is winning or losing.

* 7. The manager/coach communicates effectively with parents.

* 8. The manager/coach runs effective practices on a consistent basis.

* 9. The manager/coach provides a fair opportunity for each player to participate in games.

* 10. Overall Rating, please give any comments about the manager/coach and whether or not you'd recommend them for a similar position in the future.