Check the appropriate letter for each question listed below.

* 1. Enter your Last Name and First Initial. Ex.(Trump, D.)

* 2. Inflation can cause difficulty in many ways. Which group would have the greatest problem during periods of high inflation that last several years?

* 3. Which of the following is true about sales taxes?

* 4. Lindsay has saved $12,000 for her college expenses by working part-time. Her plan is to start college next year and she needs all of the money she saved. Which of the following is the safest place for her college money?

* 5. Which of the following types of investment would best protect the purchasing power of a family’s savings in the event of a sudden increase in inflation?

* 6. Under which of the following circumstances would it be financially beneficial to you to borrow money to buy something now and repay it with future income?

* 7. Your take home pay from your job is less than the total amount you earn. Which of the following best describes what is taken out of your total pay?

* 8. Retirement income paid by a company is called:

* 9. Many people put aside money to take care of unexpected expenses. If John and Keisha have money put aside for emergencies, in which of the following forms would it be of LEAST benefit to them if they needed it right away?

* 10. Justine just found a job with a take-home pay of $2,000 per month. She must pay $800 for rent and $200 for groceries each month. She also spends $200 per month on transportation. If she budgets $100 each month for clothing, $150 for restaurants and $250 for everything else, how long will it take her to accumulate savings of $900?