Healthier Living is a peer-led program. AIS accepts applications for new peer leaders on a continuous basis and will select the most qualified candidates for training. Training to become a peer leader is available in two formats: in-person and virtual. In-person is comprised of four full days of interactive training at the County Operations Center, 5550 Overland Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123. Virtual is comprised of 7 consecutive weeks and meet for 2.5 hours twice a week (13 meetings total). Leaders are required to attend all days of training to receive certification. If you are interested in becoming a peer leader, please complete the online application below. *Stipends are available for peer leaders.

What your duties will be as a peer leader:

• Co-lead virtual and/or in-person workshops that meet 1x a week for 6 weeks. Groups are limited to 10-18 people. Each session is 2.5 hours in length, and leaders are expected to commit to all six sessions.

• Follow a set curriculum created by Stanford University and maintain fidelity to its process; not adding or changing the evidence-based materials.

• Collect data surveys, complete, keep records of attendance and submit to the office.

• Communicate and coordinate with the Healthier Living Coordinator to give updates, problem solve, and clarify information. Much of this is done by e-mail (those without e-mail can partner with another leader to get/give messages.)

• Attend Peer Educator Development meetings (PEDAL) to get updates, continue refining presentation skills, and practice staying in fidelity with the curriculum. Leaders learn to use the evidence-based curriculum written by Stanford University and are expected to maintain fidelity to ensure consistency of outcomes.

• Arrive 15-30 minutes before the workshop to set up the room and stay 15 minutes after the workshop to pack up materials.

• Use own vehicle to go to the site, or arrange alternate transportation. Leaders are expected to transport their own materials including flip charts, easels, pens, manuals, etc.

Additional duties for in-person workshops:

• Arrive 15-30 minutes early to set up the room; stay 15 minutes after to pack up materials.

• Use own vehicle to go to the site, or arrange alternate transportation. Leaders are responsible for transporting their own teaching materials (i.e. flip charts, easels, pens, manuals, etc.)

Additional duties for virtual workshops:

• Log-in to virtual meeting 15 minutes early to greet participants, troubleshoot technology issues, etc.

• Have a device with reliable internet and that is equipped with a microphone and camera.

Benefits of becoming a peer leader:

• Peer leaders can receive recognition payments of $33 per session or $200 for a full workshop series consisting of six (6) sessions ($233 for a full workshop series if a session 0 is required)

• Workshops will be scheduled around your preferred location(s), availability, and teaching format (i.e. in-person versus virtual workshops)

• Peer leaders will have a unique opportunity to give back to their community