Naked Capitalism Meetup with Guest Yves Smith - May 2, 2019

Please join us on Thursday May 2, 2019 at Gray Fox Coffee, 801 Marquette Ave in downtown Minneapolis. The venue is located on the ground floor atrium in the same block as the Foshay Tower. We have reserved a section at the bar from 4:30 PM - 7 PM. The bar closes at 7, but the space is still open to the public after hours. (For those whose appetites are not fully sated by that time there are other establishments near by.)

In addition to coffee, Gray Fox serves beer and wine, various non-caffeinated beverages, and kombucha. Pizza, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers are also available. Menu here:

Unfortunately, Gray Fox does not accept cash -- plastic only. If you're not OK with that, I and others are willing to place orders by credit card in exchange for cash.

To reserve the space, we have committed to spending a food/beverage minimum of $225 (before tax and gratuity). When ordering from the wait staff please state that you are attending the Naked Capitalism meetup so that we can meet this minimum.

You can enter the building from either Marquette Ave or 8th Street. These doors might be locked after 6 PM, in which case you can enter through the doors to the W hotel on Marquette. Walk straight down the hall and go through the first door on the left.

Public transport:
By light rail, get off at Government Center or Nicollet Mall. Many buses go through downtown Minneapolis.

Parking in the building is $5 after 5 PM, but you will pay $14 if you enter before 5 PM (121 S. 8th Street Tower, enter on 2nd Ave or 9th St). There is a 4% surcharge for payment by credit card. Across the street, the RSM plaza parking (800 Marquette Ave, enter from Marquette) is $6 after 4 PM.

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