Semi-Finalist Information

The information below will be shared with the selection committee. Please submit it in no later than June 1.

* 1. Name of nominee (i.e. organization, program, initiative, or school)

* 2. Person completing this information

* 3. Primary contact (if different from person completing this information)

* 4. Please provide a brief overview of the initiative (you may also elect to send a brochure or other document separately). In particular, we are interested in know what is particularly innovative, different or "outside the box" about your effort?

* 5. Who is served by this effort (i.e. # of students/families, ages, particular schools)?

* 6. If you were to be selected, you would win a $10k grant to help scale up or expand your efforts. Generally speaking, how would those funds be used?

* 7. Who will be presenting on behalf of your organization before the selection committee?