Interested in being a writer or editor for MarketingSherpa? You should have:
  • 3+ years of professional editorial experience in business journalism
  • Type A personality -- obsessed about quality, meeting tough deadlines, moving fast, constantly curious
  • Speed reading and comprehension, fast learner
  • No fear of business math
  • Enjoy teaching and training, writing "how-to" more than being a pure newshound
  • VERY strong phone interview skills
  • Burning desire to make your readers' jobs easier
  • Willing to relocate to Rhode Island or Southern Mass (US citizen)
  • Interest in a full-time or part-time single-client job (not freelancing for multiple clients)
  • Ability to write snappy, concise prose Applicants with print subscription newsletter background and/or experience in reporting on marketing, PR, and/or advertising preferred. Fill out the application below to be considered. Thank you! P.S. If your PC doesn't allow cookies, this form will not work properly (sorry). In that case, simply copy your answers and paste into an email to me at
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    * 3. Are you:

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    Able to commute to (or relocate near) Warren RI?
    Experienced in b-to-b journalism?
    Great at phone interviews?
    Able to travel to 10 trade shows per year?
    Web savvy - at least for surfing/researching?
    Comfortable with light business math?
    Interested in working full-time?
    Experienced at hiring writers?
    Good at training juniors?
    Comfortable with a little public speaking?

    * 4. What's your preferred position? Check any/all that apply.

    * 5. My background includes working at (check any/all that apply)

    * 6. Which editorial tasks are you really good at, and of these, which do you enjoy the most?

      I'm not good at this I'm good, but dislike it I'm good, and don't mind doing it I'm good, and LOVE doing it
    Meeting daily deadlines
    Hiring & training junior editorial staff
    Managing freelancers
    Searching out story sources
    Lengthy phone interviews with sources
    Learning new topics, industries quickly
    Evaluating research study data
    Juggling many projects at once
    Creating & managing editorial calendar
    Moderating public teleconferences
    Getting to know readers & industry players

    * 7. What's your #1 strongest skill?

    * 8. What's the one editorial skill or tactic you're the least interested in spending your time doing?

    * 9. Which types of content do you prefer writing and/or editing?

      Not me Can handle My favorite
    Prose that flows, readers love to read
    Bullet-pointed, easy-to-skim, highly organized info
    Strategic overview
    Charts & graphs
    Op-ed columns
    News coverage
    In-depth research reports - 75+ pages
    Long features - 2000+ words
    Mid-length features - 1,200-1,800 words
    Briefs - 250-500 words or less
    Case Studies
    Q&A interviews
    How-to instructional
    Research results & surveys

    * 10. Last question: What's your dream editorial job for right now? What are you looking for that you're qualified to handle?