1. Introduction

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is conducting a citizen science project called Project PredatorWatch to determine the extent of predation on birds at bird feeders and in people’s backyards. Your help is critical in determining how many and what types of birds are killed by cats, dogs, and other predators at bird feeders. This information will be useful to scientists and conservationists, and may be compiled and reported in scientific journals and other publications.

The following brief survey of 39 questions should be completed whenever you observe or find evidence of a predation event in your yard. The survey is divided into eight sections. Below is a synopsis of the questions in each. Questions marked * are required but in many cases "unknown" or "other" is an available response option:

1. Your Information - name*, address, city, state*, zip, email*, phone, fax

2. Questions about the predator-prey interaction you observed - the date of the interaction*, time of day*

3. Questions about the surrounding environment - type of landscape*, location of the interacion*, if there are bird feeders or baths here*, and if so where they are located*

4. Questions about the Predator - what type of predator it was*.

5. Questions if the predator was a cat or dog - who the cat/dog belongs to, the gender, age, and color of the cat/dog*, whether the cat/dog was belled, whether it was declawed, whether you own cats or dogs

6. Questions about the prey - the prey species name*, gender and age of the prey*

7. Questions about the interaction - the type of interaction*, how the interaction was documented*, additional comments/observations.

8. Supplemental questions - if you are interested in subscribing to BirdWire, if you are interested in joining ABC