Factors Affecting the Tetons Region

Thanks for your interest in this survey.

At January 17's "22 in 21," we asked attendees to rank different factors affecting how the greater Tetons community became what it is, and what it will become.

Now it's your turn.

The concept is simple.

The greater Tetons community is one community spanning two states and three counties: Lincoln and Teton counties in Wyoming, and Teton County Idaho.

We've identified 25 different factors which influence life in the greater Tetons region. How important is each factor?

To rate these, we're giving you a total of 100 points to distribute among these 27 factors. Give those factors you think have made the biggest difference the most points; give those you think have made less difference fewer or even no points.

For example, if you think one factor - say "Federal government policies" is the only one that has affected what our community is today, then give it all 100 points. Alternatively, if you think that each factor is about equal, then give them all 4 points.

The only rule is that, however you distribute the points, you can't award more than 100 total points.

The survey is broken into two nearly-identical sections.

Part 1 asks you to award points rating the factors that have affected how we got to where we are today.

Part 2 aske you to award points rating the factors you feel will affect our future.

Thanks so much for taking part in our survey!