We are keen to know about conferences & sponsorship opportunities that you feel that FE suppliers could and should be supporting at a national, regional and local level.

Taking a moment to the questions below will help us to identify how we and our partners will be best able to support the sector.

* 1. Are you involved with organising any National, Regional or Local events that requires sponsorship or support of any kind?

* 2. Are there any conferences that you or your colleagues regularly attend as delegates?

* 3. At National Conferences and Events we are aware that this may be the only time of year that you get a chance to catch up with some colleagues. Therefore what, in your opinion, would you say is the most welcome and effective type of support?

* 4. Are there any events or opportunities at your college where you would welcome support i.e. sponsoring any student events/conferences, incentives for student surveys or rewarding students for outstanding achievements?

* 5. We are aware that colleges offer a range of commercial services, and we are keen use FE services wherever possible. Please let us know of any services that the college offers? (Graphic Design, Reprographics, music/video production, recruitment services etc)

* 6. We are keen to involve students to get their input and to give them the opportunity to include some additional projects on their CV's would you be interested in finding out more about this and receiving more information?

* 7. Contact Details