The Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices (CLT S&P) are the ethical and technical guidelines for the responsible operation of land trusts in Canada. In 2005, the CLTA signed a license agreement with the U.S. Land Trust Alliance (LTA) to revise and modify the U.S. Land Trust Standards and Practices, recognizing the unique requirements within the Canadian context while also acknowledging the importance of building a community based on internationally recognized professional standards in conservation.

In 2017, the LTA released a major revision of the U.S. Land Trust Standards and Practices. The 2017 update reflects the maturing of the conservation community and adjusts aspects of requirements to better reflect practical implementation of the Standards and Practices.

In order to maintain the already established consistency in the professional standards of the conservation industry and for Canadian land trusts to integrate and benefit from lessons learned from our international peers, the CLTA undertook the revision of the CLT S&P in the Fall 2017. The CLTA set up an expert committee tasked with integrating community input resulting from the preliminary consultation and to adapt U.S. statements to reflect the Canadian context.

The Expert Committee provided their recommendation last Spring, and the CLTA is now ready for the second and final consultation on the revised Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices. This second consultation gives an opportunity to land trusts and partners from across the country to review the new wording and structure of the Standards and Practices applicable to Canada, and share their comments, feedback and questions to the CLTA.

The survey will be available from August 6th to September 20th, 2018.

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