We are final year students at the University of Nottingham researching the main concerns that parents have about caring for their babies aged 3-12 months. This information is very important in establishing which topics future research on parental concerns should focus on.

Furthermore, this study could enhance further research in identifying how certain parental concerns can be overcome. This will potentially improve the education parents are given about bringing up their baby. It is vital that people from all backgrounds take part to ensure our results represent the whole population in order to benefit as many parents as possible.

There are a number of questions regarding personal information about you and your baby and scales for you to rate your feelings towards the concerns. Please answer these as honestly as possible.

Once completed if you leave your email address you will be entered into a lottery draw to WIN £50!

Please only complete this questionnaire if you have a baby that is 3 - 12 months old.

This questionnaire will take approximately 20-30 minutes and your answers will be confidential.

If you have any initial questions or if you have previously completed this questionnaire and not been entered into the lottery draw? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Jessica -
Alice -
Emma -

Or you can contact our supervisor Dr Ellen Townsend -

Please read the following statements and answer as appropriate.

Thank you for helping with this study.

* Have you read and understood the participant information section?

* Have you had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the study?

* Have all your questions been answered satisfactorily?

* Have you received enough information about the study?

* Do you understand that you are free to withdraw from the study at any time?

* Without having to give a reason?

* Do you understand that you can answer as few or as many of the questions as you feel able to?

* Do agree to take part in the study?