* 1. How often do you use temporary agency staff?

* 2. Apart from MC Personnel do you currently (or when the need arises) use services from other supplier?

* 3. Please specify how much of your Recruitment needs are placed with MC Personnel

* 4. How would you rate on the whole the quality of staff you recieve from MC Personnel?

* 5. Do you feel you recieve "value for money" when using services provided by MC Personnel?

* 6. How likely are you to recommend MC Personnel to other departments of your business or other business associates?

* 7. How confident are you that your Recruitment Consultant fully understands your needs as a client?

* 8. How do you feel your consultant deals with any issues / problems that may arise

* 9. MC Personnel offer both Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Solutions. Please specify if you would consider using MC Personnel to fulfil any of the following vacancies, please tick as many as apply.

* 10. On a whole how would you rate MC Personnel as a service provider to you and your company compared to other providers you may have used / currently use?

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