The Literacy President Survey

This survey will help in choosing questions on adult literacy education to ask the 2008 candidates for President of the United States. We want to raise the priority of adult basic education and literacy (including English language learning and numeracy) regardless of which candidate is chosen. This survey will help to select the questions we will ask. Thanks for your help.

The Literacy President Group

Literacy President is a non-partisan group of adult literacy advocates whose purpose is to raise the priority of adult literacy education for candidates for President of the United States. For more information about the survey or Literacy President, contact David J. Rosen,

Tips for Teachers

Teachers will find suggestions for preparing students to do the survey at Tips for Teachers and Students

Where these Questions Came From

Some of the questions were asked of the candidates for President in 2004. Some were posted to AAACE-NLA, an adult literacy public policy electronic discussion list. Some were e-mailed to us. To keep the survey short not all the suggested questions could be included, and some have been edited.