1. Graduation Outcomes Survey

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Dear Alaskans,

Graduation from high school represents a “rite of passage” for young people. Under Alaska’s current system, students meet the state expectations for graduation once they have completed the minimum credit requirements prescribed by both district and state regulations, and earn a passing score on the Alaska High School Graduation Qualifying Exam. These requirements meet the content standards Alaskans have specified for students. However, they do not guarantee graduates are prepared for numerous other challenges they will face in post-secondary education, work, life, and future careers.

This survey provides an opportunity for Alaskans to begin a process to define a set of learning outcomes, outcomes that our graduates can achieve and demonstrate. Every lesson, activity, program, curriculum or initiative would then focus on helping students realize these expectations.

You are invited to participate in the survey by completing this questionnaire. Please indicate on the rating scales the importance you give each of the outcomes.

Thank you!

Larry LeDoux
Commissioner of Education & Early Development