Welcome to our Cressington Community First survey. The Cressington Community First fund gives grants to projects in Cressington ward. The money comes from the Government.
We are currently drawing up a plan for the sorts of things we will fund in the next two financial years and we want feedback on priorities from local people and organisations.
Because the area we cover is specifically Cressington ward, we will ask for address details on the form. We won't pass on your details but we do need to know that comments are from people who live, work or study in the Cressington ward area or from organisations that cover all or part of the ward.

Cressington contains part of L19 and a small part of L18.

* 1. Please tell us your name and the relevant address. If you are replying for an organisation that works in Cressington but is not based there, please make this clear. We can't include data from responses without an address or statement that work goes on in the ward. We won't be passing on these addresses. (Please note there is also a panel covering Speke Garston and we would expect that panel to be carrying out a similar consultation exercise)

* 2. Thinking about the area, if you had money to spend on changes, what sort of changes would you like to see? (Examples might be - more flowers on central reservations, or places for children to play, or cleaner shop fronts, or more events that help us get together) Write as many as you like and be as precise or as general as you like.

* 3. The points below are draft priorities for the fund. Some are existing priorities and some are potential new ones. Please select the most important for you up to five. There is a space at the bottom for any priorities you think we have ignored. We will also be cross checking with the answers for the previous question.

* 4. Do you currently take part in volunteering with a local organisation (which might be a charity, a sports group, a church and so on.)

* 5. If you do currently volunteer for a local organisation, roughly how many hours a month do you give?

* 6. If you would like to volunteer, but don't already, what sort of volunteering would you like to do?

* 7. We sometimes hear of organisations specifically looking for volunteers. If you would like us to pass your details on to a suitable organisation, please give us your contact details (even if they are the same as in the first question)

* 8. Would you be prepared to take part in any further consultation, which might be on line surveys or other forms of consultation, to help us plan our Community First work? (if the answer is yes please give us your e mail address in the box)

* 9. Are you a member of a group, or do you represent a group, which would like to be kept informed of application dates when we are next giving out grants? If so please put the details in the box (including e mail) even if these are the same details as in the first question.

* 10. Do you have any other comments about what the Cressington Community First fund should be doing or focusing on? (this could be about spending but also about things like publicity, consultation etc)