St. John's Riverside Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment

St. John’s Riverside Hospital is asking our community to share opinions about health issues they face. Your feedback is important and will provide data that will help us better understand the health needs of our community. This information will help us develop plans for maintaining and improving the health of our community.

Thank you for your participation.

* 1. From the list, please select the FOUR (4) most important health issues facing our community today.

* 2. Where do you go for routine healthcare?

* 3. How would you rate your own personal health?

* 4. How do you pay for your healthcare?

* 5. Where do you obtain health information? Select top THREE.

* 6. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)

* 7. Please select your age group

* 8. What is your gender?

* 9. What is your ethnicity? (Please select all that apply.)

* 10. Are there additional health services that should be offered in the community that are not currently available?