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* 1. We all deserve to continue to provide to our students through financial relief, but we do need assistance as the tuition made from students is the primary source of income, and our landlord has refused to offer reprieve and waiving of monthly rent.

If we fail, we wish it to be because of natural business reasons.  Not because of a natural phenomenon and the inability of those above us to grant mercy.

We will use the relief for rent, marketing efforts to gain students once we are able to open, and to pay our instructors that have missed out these past few months.

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* 2. I have put all I have into my gym. I cashed out my retirement and dedicated everything to providing for my students and the local BJJ community.

I have bills that are continuing to accumulate with very little income. I honestly would rather be working than trying to get handouts. I don't want free money, I want earned money, unfortunately, I am not allowed to earn my way right now.

BJJ will live on even if my gym does not. If it does not, then I will work until I can emerge from this with a new gym. I will not lay down and let this happen, I will fight until I win and then I will fight to get better.

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* 3. We have lost 40-50% of our monthly income and are struggling to keep our employees paid, utilities paid, and lease paid. BJJ is my passion and purpose in life, I cannot imagine what it would be like to close for good.

We have been in business for 3 years and have grown the school of our dreams. I can't imagine doing anything other in life than teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Our goal is to form a community, a family, and spread the passion for jiu-jitsu to everyone who steps through our doors. If I can change just one person's life, influence one child, give someone the confidence they've always craved, I will be happy. But why stop at one? I want to touch as many people as I can. BJJ changed my life and I want to pay it forward.