Your ideas and comments will help us better serve Belknap County families and communities.

Conservation of soil, water and natural resources in Belknap County is important to our quality of life.  For over 70 years, our Conservation District has helped Belknap County landowners and Towns conserve these vital resources.   We need your feedback on how we can serve you better.  

We provide:
-Direct conservation advice and assistance
-Tree and Plant Sales for fruit and native trees and shrubs
-Conservation demonstration projects and information workshops
-School programs, and
-Collect surplus produce from farms and home gardens to donate to seniors and food pantries through NH Gleans. 

* 1. Have you participated in a Belknap County Conservation District Program or received advice and assistance?

* 2. Our Spring Tree and Shrub Sale offered a choice of over 50 evergreen, conservation & wildlife plants, berries, roots and bulbs, fruit and nut trees and 29 varieties of bulbs and potted plants.  We also offer live trout that can be purchased in advance.  Did you order plants or fish from us this year?

* 3. Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the Plant Sale?  We send out a plant list in Jan/Feb. and ask for orders in early March to our mailing list and post notices and articles in local papers.  We also offer a fall bulb sale.  Use the comment section to give us specific suggestions.

* 4. What type of conservation advice/assistance would be of value to you?

* 5. Your Conservation District is led by volunteers and relies on volunteers to help implement programs.  Even a few hours of your time can help make a difference.  What type of projects would you be interested in?  List any of interest or use comment section.

* 6. Our Conservation District is funded through County funds, grants, donations and fund-raising activities.  Fund-raising is more important than ever because our County funding has dropped more than 37% from the 10-year average in the last three years.  To avoid cutting services to the public, we at participating in NH Gives and also plan a Fall Farm to Table Supper and Fund-raiser on October 12th.  Are you interested in this event and other fund-raising activities?  Check the activities you'd like more information about.