* 1. Do you currently use Leap as a means of travel with Matthews.ie

* 2. If you do use Leap - how long have you been a Leap user

  0 - 1 Years 1 - 2 Years 2 - 3 Years 3+years N/A
Length of time

* 3. Overall, how easy do you find it as a means of travel?

* 4. Have you ever experienced issues using Leap with Matthews.ie?

* 5. Do you use the top up facility for leap on the Matthews.ie Coach?

* 6. Are you aware that it's cheaper to travel with Matthews.ie by purchasing a Taxsaver Ticket?

* 7. How likely would you be to recommend Leap to others?

* 8. Finally have you downloaded the New Matthews.ie App - offering timetables and concert bookings on the go?