1. Survey Overview

Dear NIPS community member --

As part of several efforts to improve inclusivity at NIPS, we ask that you fill out this demographics and inclusion survey. This should take about 15-20 minutes of your time.

Why? We are very interested in knowing how the conference can improve in ways that make all attendees feel welcome, included, and like they can contribute to scientific progress within our community. We are also collecting demographic information (following NCWIT and CRA-W) so that (a) we can understand where we stand today as a comumunity, (b) we can track how our community changes over time, and (c) we can understand problem areas and develop strategies to address challenges that exist.

Privacy: All questions are optional. By default, this survey is anonymous. We are not collecting IP addresses. However, because one of our goals is to track changes over time, we will repeat (variants of) this survey in the future. At the end of the survey you will be able to opt-in to linking your responses to your nips.cc account. If you opt-in, this will save you from having to fill out this survey in future years; instead, you can simply authorize copying the data from one year to the next. If you elect to de-anonymize your answers, you will be eligible to win one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards (generously donated by Amazon). [NOTE: The raffle ended Oct 10, 2018; you're still welcome to leave your email address but unfortunately we can no longer offer gift cards!]

The only people who will have access to the raw data from the survey are the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion co-chairs (Katherine Heller and Hal Daumé III) and the 2018 General and Program Chairs (Samy Bengio and Hanna Wallach). Any future transfer of data to future chairs will be entirely on an opt-in basis.

Publicizing results: Only aggregate statistics will be made public, and only statistics about groups that include at least 25 individuals (to ensure privacy). Any information from text boxes will be anonymized and aggregated and only reported in ways that protect your identities. Please contact Katherine or Hal with any concerns or questions.

Organization of Survey: This survey consists of six main sections: (1) Job Sector, Age and Education; (2) Gender and Sexuality; (3) Country of Residence, Language and Ethnicity; (4) Disability; (5) Parenting and Childcare; and (6) Other issues of inclusion.

We value your time and your candor in responding to this survey. Thank you very much.

The first set of questions here deals with the ways--and length of time--in which you are (and have been) involved in NIPS. We are not using this to, for instance, "downweight" the results of people who have recently joined the community, but only to aid our understanding.

Question Title

* 1. When (approximately) was the first time you attended NIPS?

Question Title

* 2. How often do you attend or submit to to NIPS?
(either in the recent past or your expectations for the future)

Question Title

* 3. In what manners do you generally participate in NIPS?