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Which life stage below best describes you?

* 2. What is your skiing skill level and what is the skill level of those you most often ski with?

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* 5. When choosing where and when you ski, what factors most guide your decision? (rank in order of importance)

* 7. How valuable to you is having quality information on the following ski topics? (Go through site - list current content)

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Resort Location Map
Ski Resort Driving Directions
Lift Ticket Price Table
Lift Ticket Discount Deals
Ski Resort Fact at a Glance
driving distance...
quick facts...
image ux of map and place here

* 8. From your first impression and/or experience with GetOutSkiing.com, what would our site be (a good choice in - most useful - list my goals) in helping you with?

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Overall Experience
Resort Coverage

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