Idaho Readership Survey

This readership survey seeks your input on The Nature Conservancy's Idaho-based publications, including the Idaho Updates (winter/spring & summer/fall) and the Idaho Annual Report (fall). It does not address the Conservancy's national magazine, which members receive four times a year.

* 1. How often do you typically read Idaho Update (the chapter's bi-annual newsletter) and the Idaho Annual Report?

* 2. How much of each newsletter do you read?

* 3. How much of each annual report do you read?

* 4. Do you prefer to read your newsletters and reports....

* 5. If there were additional content from the newsletter or annual report available only online, how likely are you to go to the website and read it?

* 6. The number of topics the newsletters and annual report can focus on is almost unlimited. Please rate your interest in knowing about the following Idaho-based topics:

  Very interested Interested Somewhat interested Not interested No opinion
Project updates
Personal stories from the field
Wildlife encounters
Recreational opportunities
Volunteer opportunities
Donor opportunities

* 7. Please suggest any new topics that you wish the newsletter or annual report would cover:

* 8. Please rate the quality of our publications (newsletters and annual report) on the following:

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very poor No opinion
Ease of reading
Layout and design

* 9. Please indicate your agreement with this statement: "Idaho newsletters and annual report strengthen my personal connection to the Conservancy."

* 10. What actions have you taken as a result of reading the newsletter or annual report? (Check all that apply)