Survey for Employees Who Pack Groceries

This survey is seeking feedback and opinions from grocery store Grocery Baggers/Courtesy Clerks/Store Associates about the different ways to bag groceries.

* 1. How important is it for you to bag customers' groceries quickly?

* 2. When packing groceries, which do you like LEAST:

* 3. Why did you pick that one as your least favorite?

* 4. How easy is it to pack groceries in most REUSABLE BAGS?

  1 (Extremely hard) 2 (Moderately hard) 3 (Moderately easy) 4 (Easy) 5 (Extremely easy)
Rating from 1-5

* 5. How DURABLE would you say most reusable bags are?

  1 (Not durable whatsoever) 2 (Kind of durable) 3 (Moderately durable) 4 (Durable) 5 (Extremely durable)
Rating from 1-5

* 6. When packing reusable bags, what percent of bags would you say have been washed regularly?

* 7. Do any of these issues bother you about reusable bags?

* 8. Have you ever heard of collapsible CRESBI Crate Systems? (If no, watch video)

* 9. Which issues do you feel CRESBI Crate Systems could improve over bags? (Video shows how to pack:) 

* 10. How satisfied would you be with packing groceries in CRESBI Crates?