We want folks that deal with storage management to answer these questions

* 1. Please rank how well the below statements best describe you.

Note: If you do not deal with storage management please do not take this survey.

  1:Not At All 2: Not Very Well 3: Neither 4: Somewhat 5: Extremely Well
I am the primary person that manages the Storage Infrastructure in my environment
I am the primary person that manages the Window Server Infrastructure in my environment
I have more than one storage device in my environment
I have storage devices from multiple vendors (ex. EMC, DELL, NetApp)
I view my storage performance data daily
I can easily view all storage data across my environment
I only look at storage performance data when there is an issue in my environment
Viewing Storage Performance data is very easy for me today
Having a single consolidated Performance view of my entire storage environment would be my #1 feature on my wish list
I can easily map my VMs to the storage arrays they reside on

* 2. Please specify what storage devices you use in your organization (Vendor Name and Version)

* 3. What are the top 3 most common tasks you perform as a Storage administrator?

* 4. What frustrates you most about administering Storage?

* 5. Please rank the top 5 Storage System Performance metrics you review on a regular basis? Please provide a rank for each choice.

* 6. What other Storage Performance Metric do you track which is missing from the above list? Please specify the priority of this metric against the others.

* 7. What tools do you use today for storage performance monitoring?

* 8. If you could waive a magic wand to improve your Storage management experience what would it be?