This assessment is meant to measure the effectiveness of the Nationalization (Saudization, Qatarization, Emiratisation, etc.) program your organization is applying, if any. It is therefore, imperative for the participants to be accurate and reasonable in their assessments. This assessment takes only a few minutes to complete. It consists of two parts. One pertains to the organization and the second one is directly related to the program. Once completed and in appreciation to your participation, we will provide you with a report stating how effective your program is.

Rest assured. All information provided will be kept confidential.

Note: This assessment applies for organizations with more than (100) employees.

Thank you.

General information:

* Organization name:

* Business activity:

* Contact person:

* E-mail address:

* Contact number:

* Location/Address:

* Total number of employees:

Part One- Organization

* Do you think you have a profitable organization?

* Do you think your customers are satisfied with your product and/ or services?

* Do you think your customers are content with the prices and quality provided?

* When the last customers’ satisfaction survey was conducted?

* Do you have plans for growth and expansion in the near future?

* Do you have a marketing strategy?

* Did you streamline (reengineer) your organization in the past five years?

Part Two – HR

* What is your current Nationalization rate (Male)?

* What is your current Nationalization rate (Female)?

* Are you planning to increase your nationalization rate during the up-coming 12 months?