Career Connections 2013

Before completing this form, it is recommended to read the Career Connection's Frequently Asked Questions handout on the Career Center's website. BOTH THIS APPLICATION AND A RESUME ARE REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION. Please complete this application by January 30, 2013, and send your resume and cover letter to Justin Delli Bovi, Career Center Graduate Assistant, at by January 30, 2013.


* 1. Your First Name

* 2. Your Last Name

* 3. Your Cell Phone Number

* 4. Your E-mail Address

* 5. Your Major(s)

* 6. Your Minor(s)

* 7. Your Year of Graduation

* 8. Your Preferred Method of Contact

* 9. What profession/career are you interested in shadowing? Please be specific when describing your interest. But remember, it will serve you best to remain a bit flexible.

* 10. Where would you like to Job Shadow or where are you planning to be during Spring Break ? If you're going to be in a small town, please name the major cities closest to your spring break destination.

* 11. Please describe the mode of transportation that you will use to travel to the job shadowing location. (i.e. your own car, public transportation, etc.)

* 12. What do you hope to learn from taking part in the Career Connections: Job Shadowing Program? Please write at least three goals/objectives and be as specific as possible. (e.g. after the completion of the Career Connections: Job Shadowing Program, I will establish a better understanding of the daily routine of an employer in my interested career field.)