Superior Court Associate Judge Reappointment Evaluation Survey:
Hon. Heidi M. Pasichow

The District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure ("CJDT" or "Commission") has the responsibility to determine whether or not a sitting judge of the D.C. Courts whose term is expiring, and who seeks a new term, is to be reappointed.  The statute requires that the Commission file with the President of the United States a written evaluation of the judicial candidate's performance during the term of office, and his or her fitness for reappointment to another term.  The Commission in its evaluation is required to place a judge in one of three categories.  If the Commission evaluates a sitting judge as "well qualified," the judge is automatically reappointed to a new term of 15 years.  If the Commission evaluates the judge as "qualified," the President may, if he or she chooses, renominate the judge subject to Senate confirmation.  If the Commission evaluates the judge as "unqualified," the judge is ineligible for reappointment.

The Commission invites comments from members of the Bar, representatives of the Court system, and the general public on each of the candidates.  If you wish to provide comments for more than one candidate, you will need to complete a separate survey for each.  Your comments will assist the Commission as it evaluates each candidate, and all submitted comments will be kept confidential.  The Commission encourages you to provide narrative comments such as examples of experiences you have had before a candidate.  Specific references directing the Commission’s attention to a particular case or proceeding will also be very helpful.
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