Fairlington turns 75 next year. The first units were rented in the spring of 1943. FCA, in collaboration with the Fairlington Historical Society, is seeking ideas to appropriately mark this milestone in our community’s history.

Please take a couple of minutes to give us your ideas about how to celebrate this fun and important neighborhood occasion. The FCA board will discuss your suggestions at its annual meeting on December 13.  Thanks!

* 1. What events would be interesting and fun to celebrate the anniversary? Rank from 1 (best) to 6 (not so much).

* 2. How likely is your household to attend events in celebration of Fairlington’s 75th anniversary?

* 3. Would your household be interested in purchasing various swag and items to mark the anniversary?  Select any of interest.

* 4. What Fairlington themes might you be interested in learning about?

* 5. Do you have any other suggestions on how to observe the anniversary?

* 6. Now about you (optional):