1. Email Analyst

* 1. Please tell me about yourself -- your professional background and your experience with email delivery. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC

* 2. What email delivery services do you have experience with? Marketing automation tools?

* 3. Please describe your level of HTML knowledge.

* 4. Please describe your experience with logic-driven processes. (Examples: excel, coding, marketing automation)

* 5. We split test a lot! How would you help manage split tests with our email service providers so that people would not get the same email twice?

* 6. Being an Email Analyst requires EXTREME attention to detail. Assume you released an email to my entire list of subscribers with a broken URL. How would you handle this?

* 7. Do you know what "If, Then..." and "campaigns or funnels" means? Please explain.

* 8. I am looking for someone who is flexible, who is a fanatic for details and who is looking to build a long term relationship with my team. Tons of experience is not needed ( basic understanding and knowledge of the position is), we need someone who can be trained quickly and is extremely reliable. If this is you, tell me why you would be a good fit?

* 9. What is your desired compensation?

* 10. Please leave your name.

* 11. Please leave your contact information (email is best).