1. Artist Survey

Seeking to understand how artists are getting to market in the these challenging times. Keep your eye on the www.ArtPrintIssues.com blog where we will publish the results. You also will be notified via Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and LinkedIn. Thanks for participating!

Question Title

* 1. How do you get your art to market?

  Pays the mortgage Adds to bottom line Inconsistent, occasionally pretty good Some income, not substantial Not a factor
Brick & mortar galleries
Art shows & fairs
Online art vendors, e.g. EBSQ Art, The Artful Home
Print & fulfill online vendors, e.g., Artist Rising, Imagekind
Sales through my website/blog/Facebook/social media
Art Print Publisher
Hospitality/contract design, interior designers
Personal direct sales
Alternative spaces, e.g., Coffee shops, gift shops, non-art retailers
Other (Please comment below)

Question Title

* 2. How would you describe your career at this stage?