Chemical Safety & Community Resiliency Outreach Initiative

The Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC) and the Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance (OTA), with assistance of the Northern Essex and Northeast Regional Emergency Planning Committees, will be holding a training session on March 27th, 2018 at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill to assist chemical and hazardous material users prepare for severe weather and prevent industrial accidents.    For event organizers to better assess your regional/business needs and understanding of chemical management during weather emergencies, please take a moment to complete this survey.   Your response will help us design a training relevant to you.   All replies will be kept confidential.   Contact information you provide will only be used if you want to learn more about trainings, free and confidential technical assistance, or other resources available through MVPC and OTA.

* 1. Does your facility store and maintain hazardous materials on site?

* 2. Is your facility in a flood zone?

* 3. Has your facility initiated measures to reduce your use of toxic chemicals and materials?

* 4. Has your facility conducted a hazard analysis and prepared an emergency response plan:

* 5. Have you reviewed or updated your emergency response plan:

* 6. Have your employees been trained in spill response and the implementation of your emergency plan:

* 7. Has your facility taken actions to reduce its energy consumption:

* 8. Has your facility taken action to reduce its water consumption:

* 9. Are you familiar with the free, confidential technical services provided by OTA?

* 10. Would you be interested in learning more about how OTA offers free and confidential services to help businesses reduce their use of toxic materials, decrease energy and water consumption, and secure resources such as grants?

* 11. MVPC and OTA are sponsoring training sessions, including the session scheduled March 27th, 2018 at NECC in Haverhill, geared to communities and businesses with practical tips and suggestions for evaluating and managing chemical safety. Would you like to be included on the invitation list for the trainings planned as part of this initiative?

* 12. Have you shared and reviewed your emergency procedures with your local fire department: