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1. Did you like the way that your AR points were displayed on the bulletin board this year?

2. If no, what did you NOT like about it?

3. Do you think that AR scores should be displayed on a larger bulletin board or in a different place?

4. If yes, which larger bulletin board do you think should be used for AR?

5. During the first semester of school, before Christmas, did you think about earning points to spend at the end of the year?

6. Do you think if we had a bookfair in December to spend AR points it would motivate you to read more in the first semester?

7. Do you like being able to spend your AR points at the bookfair?

8. Can you think of any other way, besides bookfair, to motivate students to read all year long? Explain.

9. What did you think about Friday Mad Minute?

10. How would you like the best Mad Minute scores displayed?