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* 1. Do you currently use any variation of Colgate toothpaste? (excluding Colgate toothpaste for children)

* 2. Have you ever previously purchased Colgate toothpaste? (excluding Colgate toothpaste for children)

If you answered 'no' to both questions 1 & 2 please skip to question 8

* 4. How many times have you purchased Colgate in the last six months?

* 5. Please rate the following sources of information in terms of importance when purchasing Colgate toothpaste

  Not important Somewhat important Important
In-store advertising
Advertisements seen outside of shops
Memories of previous toothpaste purchases
Information on packaging
Friend or family
Professional advice i.e dentist or doctor

* 6. When purchasing Colgate toothpaste which two product attributes influence your decision the most? (please select your first choice as the attribute most important to your decision)

  Most important attribute Second most important attribute
Price of the toothpaste
Its a familiar brand that you have used before
It's a regular type of toothpaste with no extra features such as whitening
Its a gel instead of a paste
The packaging i.e type of tube
It's made for sensitive teeth
It freshens breath
It whitens teeth
It provides total care for my teeth i.e plaque control, tartar control

* 7. How satisfied were you in terms of product effectiveness the last time you used Colgate toothpaste?

  Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Not sure Satisfied Very satisfied
Please select level of satisfaction

* 8. Do you plan to purchase Colgate toothpaste in the future?

* 9. When do you feel the need to purchase toothpaste? (please select the answer which has the greatest influence on your toothpaste purchasing habits)

* 10. On average how long do you spend making a decision on your toothpaste purchase?

* 11. What kind of offers would most likely make you purchase another brand of toothpaste?

* 12. How often do you brush your teeth?