The HIV Primary Care and Prevention Center of Excellence, funded by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute Clinical Education Initiative (CEI), is issuing a call for champions for our next grant year (2021) CEI provides clinical education to medical providers throughout New York State (NYS) on HIV primary care and prevention topics as well as clinical updates and best practices. 

The HIV COE is looking to identify a diverse group of medical providers to work with us as clinical education champions. We’d love for interested physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, nurses, pharmacists, or dentists to apply! 

The HIV COE is looking for champions who:
  • Are motivated clinical teachers with experience in adult learning principles.
  • Are well-connected with local, regional, and statewide clinician networks.
  • Believe in healthcare capacity building, and have specific expertise in HIV primary care and prevention (i.e PEP, PrEP, Transgender Health, LGBTQ healthcare competency, ART, etc.)
  • Represent diverse backgrounds in terms of geographies (e.g., urban, rural, suburban), racial/ethnic identities, gender identities, sexual identities, and workplace settings (e.g., private practices, FQHC, private and public hospital systems, public health clinics, etc.). 
HIV COE champions will:
  • Assist with clinical curricula review and development
  • Identify and recruit health organizations (clinics, hospitals, etc) for training
  • Deliver trainings (in-person and/or via webinar)
  • Participate in faculty development including meetings and train-the-trainer events
  • Participate in program planning processes with HIV Primary Care and Prevention Center staff
  • Contribute provider contact information for possible CEI trainings and/or outreach
  • Assist in outreach and marketing of training events and clinical tools

Champions will receive honoraria for all trainings they lead and for consultation on special projects.
Questions? Contact Tara Melfi at or 212-731-3792