Survey Overview

As you may know, the Home Care Alliance with the assistance of our partner the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative is assessing the health IT capabilities and needs of our membership in order to help us design future support and assistance programs for our members. This survey is a critical input into that process. We greatly appreciate your help in completing the survey as thoroughly as possible.
Necessary Personnel for Survey Completion
In order to answer the questions, it will require input from multiple staff across various roles at your organization. The survey can be saved and completed at a later date at any point, to allow for gathering of necessary staff. Each individual question throughout the survey lists suggested personnel that may be necessary to fully answer. Those personnel likely fall into the following role categories: Operations, Information Technology, Intake and Care Management, Fiscal, Quality.
Response Collection and Analysis
Survey responses will be aggregated and de-identified when the findings are shared across the HCA member agencies. Only the Project Management team responsible for managing the completion of this survey and performing the analysis will be aware of the specific responses by organization.
Further Assistance, Contact Us
Please contact Jessica Hatch if you have any questions, concerns, or would like further assistance at any point in this process.
Fax: 781-207-8589
Cell: 339-222-6126