* 1. Gas Tax:  South Dakota has a 22-cent per gallon gas tax that has not been increased since 1999.  There is also a federal tax of 18.4-cents.  There will be a proposal to increase the gas tax by 2-cents per year starting next year and ending when a future legislature decides it should stop. 

How do you feel about an annual 2-center per gallon increase in the gas tax?

* 2. How do you feel about gas tax increases not having a specific end date?

* 3. If you think there should be a limit to the number of years that an annual gas tax increase is in effect, how many years should the increase continue?

* 4. Would you rather see a series of 2-cent increases or one larger jump?

* 5. If you support taking a larger increase at once, how large of an increase would you support?

* 6. Ethanol Tax:  Currently, the tax on ethanol fuel is 8-cents.  The proposal would increase the gas tax on ethanol based fuel as well. 

How do you feel about increasing the tax on ethanol?

* 7. Vehicle Excise Tax:  There is a sales tax on cars that is called an excise tax.  It has been 3-cents for many years.   Both highway funding bills increase the tax by one cent  to a total of 4-cents. 

How do you feel about increasing the sales tax on vehicles?

* 8. License Plate Fees:  The highway funding bill increases the license plate fee registration by 10% for next year.  It was increased about two years ago.  How do you feel about increasing the cost of license plates for your vehicle(s)?

* 9. Property Tax:  Counties have the ability to assess a property tax levy of 1.20 mils ($1.20/thousand of taxable value) to match federal highway money being spent on projects in their county.  The rules that must be followed to build projects to federal standards add 30% to the cost, so very few counties use this levy.  The highway funding bill will take the use restrictions off of this levy which will allow counties to use it as a road levy.  The bill will also create a new half of a mil ($0.50/thousand) for townships. 

How do you feel about adding to the property tax authority to fund roads?

* 10. New Idea - Gas Wholesale Tax (based on price):  The bill from the interim committee proposed an entirely new tax that would be based on the price of gas not taxed on a per-gallon basis as it is today.  The bill proposes a 3% tax on the wholesale price.  Over time, a price-based tax would keep up with inflation better than a per-gallon tax. 

How do you feel about a wholesale tax on gasoline?

* 11. New Tax - Dyed Diesel:  Farm equipment and construction equipment that is used "off road" uses a special diesel and is not taxed.  The interim committee proposes taxing this fuel at 7-cents per gallon.  Currently construction companies pay the sales tax on this fuel and that tax would be replaced with the per-gallon dyed diesel tax. 

How do you feel about taxing diesel used for off-road vehicles?