Thank you for your contributions in informing our emerging list of High Impact Actions for primary care within Ontario.

Over the course of the last year, the virtual community has identified Ontario’s 10 High Impact Action Items to be:

1. Navigate & Coordinate
  • Promote patient navigator role that can enable easier patient / caregiver access to resources including those that go beyond health care resources. This could include linking home care coordination to primary care.
2. Integrate EMRs
  • Either single or intra-operable EMR / EHR systems that can both push and pull required information. Integration of EMRs can enhance quality of care provided and practice efficiency by promoting easier and better communication.
3. Access to Mental Health and Addictions
  • Provide mental health and addictions supports in the community, embedding these supports in primary care.
4. Organizing Primary Care
  • Come together at the local level to organize primary care and move towards more team-based care for more Ontarians, opening up the FHO model for primary care delivery.
5. Practice Facilitation & Change Management
  • Provide dedicated resources to enable peer -to -peer coaching and uptake by providers. A QI-enabled, evidence-driven health care system, in turn, enables best practices.
6. Build the Extended Team
  • Identify and provide support to the extended team that wraps around the patient/ family/ caregivers and provide supports to enable the team to be high performing.
7. Streamline & Reduce Administrative Burden
  • Reduce bureaucracy and administrative burden.
8. Recognize and Support Primary Care Continuity
  • Promote the patient/ caregiver and provider relationship, ensuring that the care is provided the principles of comprehensiveness and continuity.
9. Build Connections to Address the Social Determinants of Health
  • Recognize the social determinants of health as factors that influence health and well being outside of access to healthcare services, adopting practices like social prescribing.
10. Patients as Partners
  • Empower patients to take greater control and ownership over their health.
We want to know what change ideas you have implemented at the local level! Please take a moment to share what you are doing so we can share more examples with our virtual community. Together we can continue to spark meaningful improvement in primary care!

When describing your change ideas please identify the challenges and solutions you or your teams have identified. Please also leave contact information for follow up.  

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* 2. What challenges did you or your team face to inspire this change idea?

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* 3. What was the solution that you or your team came up with? Please include data if available.

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