The Voices of "46" Outreach Program

Your voice matters and is so important to the South Carolina Bleeding Disorders Community. We are grateful to have been awarded a grant to help discover areas within our state and within county zip codes that our bleeding disorders community members may be having barriers in access to quality, affordable, treatment care or services. We know that rural communities may have additional barriers such as long distances to travel for treatment care not experienced by those in our larger cities and suburbs. Our goal is to take a broad look at all 46 counties in the state and discover barriers in access to care and treatment, graft all barriers or challenges, while also providing information and resources to community members that we currently can provided that can help in these access challenges.

We will also look to discover any healthcare disparities according to zip codes within the various counties in South Carolina. We will map our outreach findings with a heat map to show a clear visualization of our survey data within areas of the state which will include as many diverse individuals and their families living with Bleeding Disorders.

The outcome goal of this project will be to share the date we discover with our HTCs and healthcare agencies within South Carolina and look at ways to partner to help bridge any gaps we can achieve together. We also hope by having these small meetings that we can introduce community members to other members living in the areas for which they live.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We appreciate your feedback. All feedback will remain anonymous.
11% of survey complete.