1. 2010 State & Stakeholders Newsletter Assessment

The IREC State & Stakeholder Newsletter, which is distributed semi-monthly to email subscribers and published on IREC's website, tracks a range of market-oriented news, from Solar America Communities to clean energy workforce development and training, from net metering and interconnection to current and best practices of solar stakeholders.

Each year, we conduct an annual Reader Assessment to find out more about you, the individuals and organizations in the renewable energy community, to learn how you use renewable energy in your work, and to gauge the impact of IREC's State and Stakeholder Newsletter on your organization’s missions.

Kindly take a few moments and share your honest opinions with us. Individual responses will not be published; only aggregate information will be used in the reporting of the results. Let us hear from you by Friday, July 23rd.

Thanks so much for participating and for helping us improve the newsletter.

Jane Pulaski, Editor

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* 1. What category best describes your work?

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* 2. How do you access the State & Stakeholder Newsletter?

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* 3. The State & Stakeholder Newsletter overall:

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Neutral Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree
The content has relevance to my work
The format is easy and inviting to read
The State & Stakeholder Newsletter is the right length
I depend on the news from IREC’s State & Stakeholder Newsletter to keep me up-to-date on critical RE and EE issues
I would recommend the State & Stakeholder Newsletter to a friend or colleague
I prefer to get the news from social media sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
I receive too many enewsletters in my inbox

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* 4. Rate the different sections of the newsletter.

  Very Valuable Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable Do Not Read
From the Editor
State/Local Headlines (IREC States, Solar America Communities, Interconnection/Net Metering)
News from DSIRE
On Our Radar
Of Note

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* 5. How valuable are the following IREC programs and services to your work?

  Very Valuable Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable Do not read
ISPQ Training/Accreditation
Workforce Development
Small Wind Energy
Connecting to the Grid
DSIRE Database
IREC's Annual Meeting
IREC's Innovation Awards
IREC’s Best Practices (i.e., Model Interconnection Procedures, Net Metering Rules, Community Renewables, etc.)
IREC's Annual Solar Market Trends Report
IREC's Newsletters

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* 6. Here's your chance to talk back to us and let us know how we're doing. We’ll listen closely and use the knowledge to improve how and what we deliver to you. Thanks, as always, for your continued support.