IE LEADS Student Internship Evaluation

The following questions will assist us in determining the effectiveness of the overall internship and if the internship met your expectations.

* 1. Name:

* 2. Quarter/Semester of Internship:

* 3. Internship site:

* 4. Department or Unit:

* 5. Intern Supervisor:

* 6. Please rate the following statements regarding your internship experience:

  N/A = Not applicable Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The internship provided a practical experience in my area of interest in librarianship.
As a result of my internship, I have a greater understanding of the concepts, theories, and skills of librarianship.
The internship training provided was sufficient.
I met with my supervisor regularly and had on-going feedback.
The level of responsibility assigned was consistent to my ability.
Additional responsibility was added as my experience increased.
The supervisor was accessible for questions and concerns.
The internship activities were challenging and stimulating.
I was treated on the same level as other librarians.
I had a good working relationship with my coworkers.
The internship provided sufficient learning opportunities.
Overall, the internship better prepared me to enter the world of librarianship.

* 7. What aspects of your academic background were helpful during your internship and why?

* 8. Did the internship meet your expectations? Tell us how it did or did not meet your expectations.

* 9. Overall the internship was...

* 10. Would you recommend this internship to other fellows?

* 11. Please provide suggestions for future interns who may select this site:

* 12. Would you be willing to participate on an IE LEADS Fellows internship panel or in other programs for IE LEADS Fellows?