Maryland State Police Citizen Survey

The Maryland State Police is committed to providing citizens with outstanding police services, while upholding our core values of integrity, fairness and service.  We value citizen input as part of our ongoing effort to improve the public safety services we deliver.  This seven question survey will take you less than two minutes and will help us as we continue to ensure we do our best for you.  You may also submit information in more detail, if necessary, by visiting our website at  Click on 'compliments or complaints against personnel' and follow the instructions.  Thank you for your time and honest evaluation of our service to you. 

* 1. Why did you have contact with the Maryland State Police in the past year?

* 2. If you called, what number did you use to contact us?

* 3. With whom did you have contact?

* 4. What is your evaluation of the service you were provided?

* 5. Overall, how do you rate the attitude(s) of our employee(s)?

* 6. What was the general level of proficiency of the Maryland State Police employee(s) with whom you had contact?

* 7. If you reside in Maryland, how would you rate the safety and security of your community?