About the Steward Service Agreement

The purpose of the Steward Service Agreement is to (1) Maintain an accurate database of certified and active Master Watershed Stewards and (2) Articulate the Role of the Master Watershed Steward (3) Reduce the risks inherent in watershed restoration activities. 

* 1. Steward Service Agreement
A certified Master Watershed Steward provides valuable leadership and resources to communities for watershed restoration.  In order to minimize the risks inherent in watershed restoration activities, WSA has created the risk management policy below. This policy includes both an articulation of the role and limitations of the Master Watershed Steward and two waiver forms to be used by Stewards with their communities. Although the risk of injury or damage to property is very low, this policy will help to ensure that all parties are aware of risks.   Please note that Steward work outside of WSA classes is not covered by WSA or Arlington Echo insurance policies.
The role of a  Master Watershed Steward is to connect communities to resources for:

1.  Assessment/identification of pollution sources and restoration opportunities.
2.  Education about pollution sources and reduction opportunities.  
3.  Engage communities in pollution reducing action
     a. Small RainScaping Projects
     b. Reducing Pollution Sources through Behavior Changes 
4.  Connect communities with environmental restoration resources and professionals. 

 Unless otherwise trained, the Master Watershed Steward should not engage in the following: 

1.  Design or construction management of rain gardens with any of the following characteristics:
     a. A drainage area of greater than 600 square feet
     b. Greater than 10% slope
     c. Type C  Soils or a failed perc test
     d. Proximity to utilities or in the Road Right of Way

2. Concentrating or redirecting the flow of water onto another property or toward any buildings. 

3. Receive payment for any services rendered. 

 Stewards should refer to a qualified professional for projects with any of the conditions above, or for any project that is beyond the scope of Rain Gardens Across Maryland.   

 In order to reduce risk, Stewards should receive and keep record of the following forms.  These forms, are available on the WSA website: aawsa.org/stewardforms

1.  Release of Liability Form  for Property Owners (signed by the property owner where a  project or event is taking place).

2.  Event Attendance and Media Release (Hold Harmless and Photo Release Form for volunteers.)

3. Master Watershed Steward Service Agreement 

  Although the basics of design and installation of RainScaping projects are covered in the Master Steward Certification Course, Stewards should not engage in these activities unless they are confident in their ability to do so without causing harm to property or persons.  Simple rain garden projects should be designed and built according to Rain Gardens Across Maryland.  

 I have read and agree to the terms of the Steward Service Agreement for the period of 2017-2019.

* 2. First Name

* 3. Last Name

* 4. Email Address

* 5. I agree to use the Steward Action Form on the WSA website to report my Steward Actions annually (WSA Office encourages entries throughout the year)