Chamber Music America established the CMAcclaim Award to bring national recognition to an individual, ensemble, or organization whose work has had a significant impact on a local or regional community, and does not normally receive national media attention. CMA defines chamber music as music for small ensembles, between 2 and 10 performers, with one musician per part, generally without a conductor. CMA's definition comprises the many different styles of chamber music represented by CMA's membership.

Any CMA member may make a nomination for the CMAcclaim Award, but the nominee need not be a CMA member. Self-nominations or nominations by staff or Board members of the organization to be nominated are not eligible.

Once you begin the form, it must be completed in its entirety.

To preview a sample of the CMAcclaim Nomination form click below 

 Sample 2018 CMAcclaim Nomination Form

The nomination deadline is October 20, 2017.

* 1. Information About the Nominee. (Please note, self-nominations will not be accepted.)

* 2. Please check the category that best describes the Nominee (check all that apply);

* 3. How many years has the Nominee been working in the chamber music field?

* 4. Is the Nominee celebrating a special Anniversary or professional milestone?

* 5. The CMAcclaim Award is given to individuals/organizations that have had a significant impact on a local or regional community, and that do not generally receive national media attention or recognition. Identify the specific local or regional community in which the Nominee has had an impact. (Please limit to 100 words)

* 6. Please describe the impact the Nominee has had in the local or regional community. How does the Nominee make its programs/services accessible to its community? Please be as specific as possible. (Please limit to 250 words)

* 7. Is there anything else you would like the Committee to know about the Nominee?