* 1. How did you hear about Firefly?

* 2. Did you feel welcome and comfortable at Firefly? What helped you feel that way?

* 3. What classes / instructors did you find especially wonderful and/or what was your favorite class? Why?

* 4. Were there any classes / instructors you found unhelpful or boring?

* 5. Are there any classes / instructors you would like to see added next year?

* 6. Any input for the site manager who oversees locations of camping, class tents, event facilities, etc.?

* 7. What was the highlight of Firefly for you?

* 8. What did you think of the evening activities? Quality, quantity, variety?

* 9. Do you have any venue suggestions besides Bell's Cove, Camp Pinnacle or Deerfields that has at least 450 parking spaces, 500 camping spots, a flat-ish field that is at least 5 acres, and that preferably has a kitchen, running water and cabins for a decent price within 1 hour of Asheville?

* 10. Anything else? Comments? Suggestions?

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