* 1. We need your input on our parent/student/school compacts for the next
school year. How can we make this agreement better? (please review paper copies on table)

* 2. Title 1A funds support a kindergarten para educator, 2 math para educators,
severalĀ  reading group para educators and 1 reading group teacher at the

* 3. Title 1A funds support one reading/math teacher and one para educator at the middle/high school.

* 4. Title 1A funds support a part of our school nurse's time for serving homeless students, as well as foster care students. 

* 5. Title 1A funds support professional development training for teachers. What can we do to make this training most effective for your student? 

* 6. Please share your thoughts on how to support student success at the elementary school or the middle/high school.