* 1. Loan Name

* 3. Met Deadlines - Did the Underwriter meet all necessary deadlines (FC, COE, etc.)?

* 4. Loan Ownership/Management - Did the Underwriter take ownership of the loan? Did they present her/himself as the main point of contact with both the client & lender?

* 5. Responsiveness - Was the Underwriter available and did they respond in a timely manner to all emails and calls (with you, the client & the lender)?

* 6. Communication – Did the Underwriter communicate with the relevant parties including yourself with frequency and clarity?

* 7. Overall Satisfaction – How satisfied are you with how this loan was handled in Underwriting?

* 9. How accurate was the Loan Processor's work?

* 10. How involved was the Loan Processor in this loan?

* 11. Other than usual processing, if any, what kind of assistance did your LP provide for this loan?

  Intake/Application sent Loan Proposal(s) Lender Package(s) Collected docs and info for PQ from outside parties Followed up for missing item(s) with outside parties Provided updates to myself and/or others
Choose all that apply:

* 12. Comments (regarding LO and/or LP)